New Aschka: Jerome Sydenham joins the Animal Social Club


On the heels of her recent release featuring Andy Stott, Scapewing, Aschka is back with new musica, on another label with Nigerian roots, Ibadan Records. Check out the skills and details on Resident Advisor.

Zoë Keating on Spotify

Zoë Keating's recent-ish release of her online music sales figures have been making quite a stir, due primarily to how embarrassingly little an artist of her stature has made via Spotify versus iTunes/SoundExchange/Bandcamp. This issue of pittance from streaming services was in the news a year ago (addressed on these pages when ST Holdings pulled al ltheir music from Spotify)

Here is a brief sampling of the most interesting responses to Zoë's frank unveiling of her sales figures but as of late January 2013, the discussion on music-making and online distribution continues chez elle @

Growing hairs reverses deafness in Mice!


This is major news and very promising science for restoring inner ear hair cells damaged because of too many raves, chronically loud headphones or just the normal passage of time. This means potentially very full-fidelity audition later in life!

The results of this study demonstrate the first hair cell regeneration in an adult mammal. The researchers are excited about the outcomes and their future implications in the possible treatment of deafness in humans.

Dance Dance Revolution - behind the scenes at Electric Daisy


I just came across this brilliant article on the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas last summer. The following paragraph of the article, is some of the best music-writing that I've read recently and hilariously summarizes the current nu-rave, EDM-y vibe almost too perfectly:

The only really crucial thing to note here about the music is that the whole thing is about the bass. People who know a lot about electronic music will disagree with me, but knowing a lot about electronic music is, these days, entirely beside the point. The progression of a house track, and one plausible reason for house's ascendancy, goes like this: There's some twinkly pirouetting melody in the higher registers, then some bass for a while, and then the introduction of a soaring, optimistic vocal track about saving the world or, for the slightly less ambitious, having a feeling re tonight's bestness, then the simultaneous near-crescendo of the twinkles and the all-out vocal redemption, and then, right at the moment of presumed climax, the bass goes away for a few beats, everybody misses the bass so much and can't wait for it to come back, maybe the snare reintroduces itself after a few seconds to remind you to get excited for the prodigal bass's triumphal homecoming, a good DJ takes just longer than expected to bring the bass back, 20,000 or 50,000 hearts stop as one, lever arms hanging anxiously in midair, and then, when the bass kicks back in, the crowd goes out of their motherfucking minds, just like they did the time the bass disappeared and came back four minutes ago, pumping their right arms in genuinely exhilarated unison, survivors all of the briefly yet catastrophically lost bass.

Wait, You Don't Use Bandcamp?

Brothermang & Bandcamp designer extraordinaire just sent me a great article entitled Wait, You Don't Use Bandcamp?. FYN make a great case on what Bandcamp brings to the table for independent artists, bands and labels interested in selling directly-to-fans!

While you're at it check out the new Bandcamp Merch features.

Dr. Edward W. Robinson R.I.P.

It is with much sadness that I read the news that Ed Robinson, the voice & soul behind the music for our record Black Rhapsody (DCP015), passed away yesterday. He was a noted African-American historian, attorney, author of "Journey of the Songhai People"

I remember speaking to him on the phone back in 2009, when the then 91 year old, returned my call, to discuss my request for permission to use his spoken word on our EP (Hollis P. Monroe and myself). I remember his excitement about project and his curiosity about the the new audiences his words from 40 years ago would reach. I remember feeling very thankful to him for his graciousness.

We lost a great one. Rest In Peace, sir.

More news from around the web:
Black Economic Development, The Philadelphia Tribune

Etta James R.I.P. - This Is Goodbye

This track by Hollis P. Monroe is one of my all-time favourites and I'm proud to own a copy of the limited edition 12" vinyl. When Etta James passed earlier this week, I wanted to make an unofficial tribute video to celebrate her music and life. Hollis' track was a perfect way to say thank you and goodbye.

The story that I'm telling with this music video is of love lost, regret and ultimately saying goodbye. The original footage was cut from the feature film, The Brother from Another Planet (1984). A dash of effects and Technicolor film colour correction were added to put a stylized finish on the look. Enjoy!

-- Ruoho Ruotsi

ST Holdings vs Spotify

The battleground is shaping up between new platforms for listening (Spotify,, et al) and content providers (i.e. labels). This is especially interesting for the independent labels, as it is debatable if the royalty per stream warrants the overhead of being on a streaming service.

On verra bien.

Tomas Jirku - Autumnal Blend

Veteran Canadian Techno producer Tomas Jirku, known for his innovative sound on releases for Force Inc, Traum Schallplatten & Klang teams up with de'fchild label boss, Ruoho Ruotsi for a deep collaboarative excursion into the outer limits of Experimental-Dub-meets-Avant-Techno. Working in the true sense of the Split EP, each artist contributed one original track and put their special reversioned touches on the other's.

1. Relapxych.00 ▪ "Hallucinogenitaliencryption (Edit)" [Ghost Sounds]
2. Ruoho Ruotsi ▪ "Exact Found" [de'fchild]
3. Luciano ▪ "Ulerior Motive (MLK Dub)" [XTerminator]
4. Rockwell ▪ "Everything (& U)" [Darkestral]
5. Instra:Mental ▪ "Watching You" [Nonplus]
6. Sandwell District ▪ "Double Day" {Sandwell District]
7. Morphosis ▪ "Silent Screamer" [Delsin]
8. Executive Slacks ▪ "Our Lady (Yoof Dub)" [Fundamental]
9. Farben ▪ "Kursbuch 1 and 2" [Faitiche]
10. Knowing Looks ▪ "Abandoned Ship" [WNCL]
11. Rau ▪ "The Blessing" [Giegling]
12. Frivolous ▪ "Serenade Des Excetriques" [Cadenza]
13. Intrusion ▪ "Little Angel (with Paul St. Hilaire)" [Echospace]
14. Intrusion ▪ "Twilight" [Echospace]
15. St. Helens ▪ "Ground Effects (Souns Remix)" []
16. Tomas Jirku ▪ "Clear Cut" [de'fchild]
17. Tomas Jirku ▪ "Clear Cut (Ruoho Ruotsi Reshape)" [de'fchild]

Tomas Jirku & Ruoho Ruotsi - Clear Cut (DCP022)

New release out today by Canadian Techno producer Tomas Jirku and de'fchild label boss, Ruoho Ruotsi.

“Clear Cut” is available as a digital download from September 13th, 2011 on our Bandcamp page @ and at retail outlets like Beatport, Juno, iTunes, etc.

More information on the release page and sounds below: